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Every pregnancy, labor, and birth is different, but one thing is constant— every mother needs support!

Hi, I’m Justyna. I am a mom of a beautiful baby boy, Julian. I am deeply passionate about supporting women during their transition from pregnancy to parenthood and beyond. Growing up in Poland, visiting other countries, and talking with women from all over the world inspired me to lift other women up and support them when they need it most. This is why I started Mother’s Nest Fitness.

I help pregnant women and moms correct physical dysfunction, restore their core and pelvic floor muscles, and regain their strength. I always strive to help my clients feel good physically and mentally, boost their self-confidence, create lasting habits, and have fun throughout the process. Women deserve to engage in all of the activities they love without experiencing pain associated with giving birth.

Education and Background

  • PhD in Health, Exercise, and Kinesiology Science from the University of Physical Education in Krakow, Poland
  • MS in Physical Education and Corrective Exercises from the University of Physical Education in Krakow, Poland
  • Certified Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist (GGS)
  • The Pelvic Floor Piston- Foundation for Fitness (Julie Wiebe)
  • Certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist (PPSC)
  • Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC)
  • Perform Better Functional Training Certification
  • Nutrition and Supplementation Certification
  • 15 years in the Fitness Industry

Mother’s Nest Fitness training programs are tailored for each of my clients’ unique goals. They are filled with education, support, and guidance on how to prepare their bodies for pregnancy, remain healthy during pregnancy, and recover from birth to safely return to fitness and sports.

Mother’s Nest Fitness is focused on empowering women to take charge of their bodies during pregnancy and through the postpartum journey. For you cannot take care of others until you first take care of yourself.

Empowering mothers to be their strongest selves, Mother's Nest Fitness is where love, health, and strength come together to create a nurturing home for body, mind, and soul.

I will determine what will work best for you and develop a personalized training plan. I will focus on realistic, actionable steps to achieve your goals with supportive, sustainable training to keep you happy and healthy.

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Workout options for every mom

I tailor training classes for every woman! Choose what would be best for you.

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In-person Training

(located in Pittsburgh, PA)

My hands-on personal training sessions are specially designed to meet your unique needs. We will work together at a private gym to empower you to meet your goals in your current stage of pregnancy. Here, you will find support, connection, and motivation.

Online Training

(from the comfort of your home)

My one-on-one virtual personal training sessions are designed just for you, utilizing space and equipment you have access to at home. During these sessions, I will support your journey and help you strengthen your body to achieve the results you desire. Anywhere in the world!

Online Group Classes

(Build community)

My home-based group strength classes are designed to meet the needs of pregnant and postpartum women, providing safe and effective exercises that are appropriate for your changing body and physical condition. My programs are carefully crafted to promote strength, flexibility, and overall well-being, while also addressing common concerns, such as maintaining pelvic floor health, improving posture, and reducing discomforts associated with pregnancy and postpartum recovery.


Often times, you can. I recommend scheduling a consultation with a pelvic floor therapist if you are leaking, experiencing abdominal coning or doming, or feeling pressure on your pelvic floor. This will determine your specific situation. Though I cannot medically diagnose or treat pelvic floor disorders or dysfunction, my programs work in accordance with physical therapy protocols. We can also work together to minimize your symptoms and improve your comfort, and I can support you during your rehab. We will retrain your inner core muscles and discuss strategies to manage abdominal pressure resulting from exertion. If you haven't met with a physical therapist, we will incorporate breathing strategies and modify your exercise regimen to suit your body's specific needs. Being pregnant or having a baby should not stop you from returning to your active lifestyle!
Definitely. Exercising while pregnant is typically safe and has many associated health benefits for both the mother and baby. There is no evidence to suggest that recreational exercise results in harm to a baby during an uncomplicated pregnancy. The focus should be on staying happy and healthy (including core and pelvic floor health) during pregnancy. But it is always important to consult with a medical provider prior to beginning an exercise program. Benefits of prenatal exercise include:
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Increasing your stamina
  • Improving heart health
  • Minimizing the risk of pregnancy complications
  • Minimizing the risk of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia
  • Elevating mood and improving sleep
  • Reducing the risk of medical interventions during delivery
You don't need much. But at minimum, it is good to have resistance bands and dumbbells of various weights.
Absolutely! I work with women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Some have never exercised before in their lives. We will always move at a pace that is appropriate for you. Your overall well-being and comfort will be key determining factors in the program I tailor for you.
That is up to you. Most clients decide to work with me 2 to 3 times per week but once per week is a great start too!
Every person is different. This depends on the pregnancy and postpartum experience. Intense exercise should not be conducted until you are advised to do so by your primary care provider (i.e., OB-GYN or midwife) or your pelvic health physical therapist. If you heal well and you're ready to exercise before the six week point, and your health provider agrees, I recommend a program that begins with a reconnection to your pelvic floor and core via the Connection Breath. If comfortable, you can take short walks and begin exercising in ways that mimic every day activities (e.g., gentle stretching, bodyweight squats, heel slides, etc.). I generally begin working with clients who are at least six weeks postpartum.
Generally, yes. Most symptoms can be improved and fully resolved through a combination of training deep core muscles, improving posture, and breathing exercises. I will assess your specific situation and develop an individualized program that optimizes your results.
Definitely! Once pregnant, you are postpartum forever. My oldest client was a 78 year-old woman. Through exercise alone, I helped her eliminate back pain and leaking urine when she coughed or sneezed. She also finally resolved diastasis recti (abdominal separation) decades after she finished raising her children.
It will take more than a single session to reach your goals. All of my coaching is program-based to provide you with the best training possible but just like how Rome was not built in a day, neither is your body.
Ensure that your trainer is certified and continues to educate themselves. They must have a deep understanding of both pelvic floor and core health. Your trainer should inquire about your pregnancy, labor and delivery details, and pelvic floor history. Your trainer should educate you on core and pelvic floor anatomy and function. Your trainer should teach you how to access your core, stabilize your body, breathe properly, and manage pelvic health symptoms. Your workouts and training plans should be focused on specific, tangible goals and should be personalized based on where you are in your childbearing journey and any pelvic health conditions you may have.

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